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Fall seven times, stand up eighth – find your motivation here

Although the best motivation is what comes from within, I’ve made this post to remind you once more why you want to lose that fat.

1. To gain confidence

You can imagine the jokes you will be able to say, the love you will have towards yourself. You will feel more secure to act silly, to just be yourself, because you will not be hiding behind fat.

2. To see those looks on their faces

You want to see the look on the faces of people who were mocking you, who thought fat is all you are, or even your own family and friends. You want to hear everyone wondering how did you manage to do that. People admiring you. Sounds good, right?

3. To make the guys see you

You would like the guys who never looked at you, go crazy over you, wouldn’t you? Or maybe the man that turned you down or left you because you weren’t good enough? I can promise you that when you lose the weight, you will gain a lot of attention, not only because of the weight you will have gotten rid of but because of the confidence you’ll have gained.

4. To enjoy beach season

You will be able to hang out with your friends on the beach without feeling insecure about yourself, you will be able to attend beach parties and the parties that label “sexy” and you will be able to meet guys on the beach while sporting a bikini. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

5. To make photos similar to those you see on internet

You have probably always wanted to make photo shoots with your friends to make photos just like the ones you see on tumblr, we<3it and other internet pages, see you will be able to do those without worrying about looking fat in the pictures.

6. Not be the fat friend anymore

Have you been in a company full of skinny girls? Have you felt like you’re the fat friend? Seems like your friends get plenty of attention, while you get none? Don’t be sad, it’s about to change!

7. To look good in sweats and messy bun

There are these days you’d rather leave home in a pair of jeans, a hoodie and messy bun, aren’t there? Skinny girls do look better in these kind of clothes, fuller women have to think about what they’re wearing a lot more.

8. To feel beautiful

You want to look in the mirror and see the woman you’ve always wanted to be. If you are here, you want to lose weight and when you do, you’ll feel happy. And as Marilyn Monroe said – happy girls are the most beautiful ones. You will look in the mirror and see what you’ve always wanted to see – skinny, sexy you with a sparkle in your eyes because you did it all by yourself by just setting your mind to it.

9. Be an example

You will be the girl everyone looks at and says “I want to have her body”, kind of what you feel towards other girls now, isn’t it? Work for it. It is worth it!

10. To feel sexy in a short, sexy summer dress and heels

You’ve probably seen bunch of clothes you wish you could wear. But you couldn’t because it didn’t quite suit your body type. When you lose the weight, you will be able to wear all those clothes.

11. To feel accomplished.

You just need to get rid of that weight to prove yourself you can do it, to feel accomplishment. It’s not only a matter of weight, it’s a matter of self-discipline, courage and strength!

12. To feel amazing and pretty whether you’re playing volley at the beach or eating a hamburger at McDonalds.

You will play volley in your bikini – you’ll be athletic, beautiful and hot. You will eat a hamburger at McDonalds and you will be beautiful and hot, and confident.

13. To be healthy

You will have less health problems when you lose the weight, you will be more flexible and athletic, also you will be on the right path to a healthy life-style:)

14. To prove everyone wrong

All those who actually told you – you can’t do it, you will break down sooner or later, it’s just another campaign you’re putting on, it will not last. DO IT.

15. To be able to borrow clothes from your friends

Wouldn’t it be fun to swap pretty clothes with your skinny friends? And that they would actually fit you? You can go and buy clothes together and swap them occasionally.

16. To not be ashamed to dress in the same room with other people

Whether you are at the gym dressing room or in school, or getting ready for a party, you won’t care that somebody’s there and seeing you fully naked.

17. So that your guy friends would go like “daaayuum”

Yes, even they will be surprised and so proud of you. They will be all over you and who knows, they just might fall for you:)

18. To help others

You will be able to help others with your story, and they will listen to you, cause they know where you come from and where you’re now.You can be their inspiration and motivation.



Did this help you, sweety? Do you have more images and motivation to share? Your success story perhaps? We’re dying to hear that! xx




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