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10 signs you are in love with him

Have you ever felt lost in your own emotions? Trying to explain your feelings? Have you wondered why do you get so jealous all the time? Maybe it’s because you’re in love. In this post I’ve listed 10 things that point to you really being in love with him.


1. Whatever happens, you want him to be the first one to know about it

You get a new job or a new pair of shoes, you want him to be the first one to know. But this can also only show that he is a good listener and that he makes you feel appreciated and that’s why you tell him these things, but still this is a good sign.


2. You mention him a lot

When you’re talking to someone, you mention his name a lot. “Yeah, but he thinks that…”, “He told me that…” – are you feeling well? Sounds like you’re a bit love-sick, darling.


3. You see his every flaw, but still think he is mr.perfect

Especially in an early stage of relationship if you have strong feelings, you will have the rose-colored glasses on and you will find him better than everyone else in every possible way.


4. You feel proud to be seen with him

Whether you’re just walking down the street holding hands or sitting in your favorite cafe, if someone sees you –  you are glad they did, cause he is with you and you are absolutely loving every second of it.


5. You trust him

Maybe a little bit too much sometimes. When he tells you something really hard to believe (like an excuse for being late perhaps), you believe him and do not doubt his words for a second. Except when he’s talking about his feelings for you, then you start to doubt them because you just can’t accept the fact that a guy like him might actually feel the same way or more for you.

6. You can truly be yourself with him

You don’t have to put on an act, you can be your silly self. Take it or leave it, right? And you know he’ll love you for who you are.

7. You can’t get enough of him

There are relationships where you just want to have some breathing room, but when you are really in love, you want to see him, hear him and breathe him, you just can’t get enough of him and this is where you have to have some self control, because most guys are not like that and this strong affection of yours will only make him run.


8. Has he texted me yet? 

When he’s out of the town you are constantly checking your phone, facebook and skype just to see if he has messaged you yet and when he does, your whole day becomes perfect and you stand there smiling like a child who just saw Santa Claus.


There are NO women who are not jealous. The ones who say they are not, they are just good at hiding it. If you truly care about someone, you will get jealous, it is another thing if you start questioning your partner – that is where the problems start. There is nothing wrong with being a liiiiiiiiitle jealous, but trust your partner, let him know that you are a bit jealous but you trust him completely, he will find that cute, trust me.



No matter what anyone says about him, you always are ready to stand up for him until your last breath. You will kick, scream and bite if necessary cause that is how much you care about him.



Even though even just reading this post points that you are most probably in love with him, I believe that if 9 out of 10 are true, you are love-sick darling, maybe it’s time to call the doctor? Send us your love story and we will publish it! Do you have any more tips for women who might have really fallen hard this time? Share the tips, sweetheart. xx




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